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Where We Are Now: Parental Planning For Childcare Considering COVID-19

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Now that stay-at-home orders are beginning to be relaxed and many parents are returning to work, the childcare crisis for working parents is once again flaring up.  Without family benefits like childcare being offered as part of their employee benefits, working parents are often struggling to find proper care for their children during the summer months.  If you’re looking for how to get childcare during coronavirus, Helpr can provide the backup care you need to get back to work.

In-Network In-Home Care

Many working parents are having to rethink their normal childcare services now that many daycare centers are closed.  With the use of the Helpr app, you can request a childcare professional to be sent to your home in as little as 3 hours.  This can help you find the best childcare during coronavirus without having to break the bank.

Out-Of-Network In-Home Care

COVID-19 has created the need for stricter sanitation protocols and social distancing.  Therefore, many parents are reluctant to expose their children to childcare professionals outside of their close network.  The best childcare during coronavirus for them may be a close friend or family member.  Thanks to our Upload Your Own Provider service, you can use your own providers for childcare.  This can allow you to ensure they receive the pay they deserve.

Core Care Program

Every family is different, and the best childcare during coronavirus may be different from one family to the next.  Helpr offers a Core Care Consulting Program to work with you to find the best childcare options for your needs.  Whether you’re looking for a daycare or a nanny, we can show you how to get childcare during coronavirus that will fit your budget.  When looking for childcare, we also take into account your schedule, location, care philosophies, and any special interests.

Virtual Offerings

Although many parents are headed back to work, a lot of them are continuing to work remotely to avoid the risk of contracting COVID-19.  However, these working parents are still looking for how to get childcare during coronavirus to allow them to get work done with the kids at home.  Helpr Online offers online support and engagement for kids at home, allowing children to be enriched and engaged while their parents work.

While some of our classes require parent participation, others allow parents to take a break to work or to relax by themselves.  We offer one-on-one enrichment and academic support sessions that are available to book 7 days per week, and we update and rotate our group classes on weekdays.  Helpr Online has also introduced a pen pal program to help sustain creativity and a sense of community amongst our children.

Finding high quality childcare is already a struggle for many working parents, but how to get childcare during coronavirus doesn’t have to be complicated.  Helpr can provide parents with the best childcare during coronavirus that will allow them to go back to work knowing that their kids are taken care of.