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The Future of Work for Remote Workers


Our internal team uses our Upload Your Own Provider tool as an employee benefit. Each employee receives an annual package of subsidized backup care hours for when their primary care cancels, in case of emergencies, or when they need to implement self-wellness without children.

We are a small and partially remote team, but that is exactly why the out-of-network Helpr package works so well for us. Our team is highly family-oriented and family-engaged, so having a flexible schedule and a childcare subsidy is invaluable.


Use Case: Adult Backup Care

Nancy Heim, our Broker Relations Specialist, uses her Helpr benefits for her mother-in-law, Gaby Ross. Gaby, a lifelong Angeleno, resides in the Wilshire corridor, is 94, and has a black belt in shopping!

Nancy is a part of the ‘sandwich generation’ - she was perplexed and didn’t know how to care for her mother-in-law when she started working full time at Helpr. Now, with the Helpr benefit, she can ask family members and friends to take care of Gaby and honor them with better compensation.




Use Case: Child Backup Care

Sarah Bystrom, our Business Development Executive, uses the Helpr benefit for her two boys, Oscar (age 2) and Simon (10 months). Oscar is life of the party, has a need for speed, and is always looking for the next adventure; while Simon is on the quieter side and takes a minute to warm up before he shares his smiles and love of food. Sarah and her family live in Bend, Oregon and both parents work remotely. Having the Upload Your Own Provider employee benefit allows their family to partake in the benefit while living in a smaller town! 

Oscar’s fan favorites are Shelly and Evelynne in the sitter world, so the family inevitably always starts their choice of sitter there. Simon loves them both, and they know the tricks to making the family’s lives run smoothly.