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Creative Online Resources To Help Keep Your Kids Entertained During COVID-19


While people all over the world are adjusting to this new period of self-quarantining, kids are having an especially difficult time adjusting to staying home.  For many working parents, keeping the kids entertained is a new kind of childcare crisis.  But luckily there are many online resources that can help keep your kids entertained.  Here are a few of them:

Virtual Museum Tours

Some of the most exciting parts of childhood education are those rare occasions when kids get to visit art museums and galleries and experience cultures very different from their own.  Google Arts & Culture has made it possible for kids to experience art from their own living room.  They’ve teamed up with museums and galleries from all around the world to offer free virtual tours of 12 famous museums.  Your kids can spend hours touring the artwork and displays in these museums as if they were actually there. 

Virtual Field Trips

While field trips to museums can be a great way to expose your kids to art and culture, many kids appreciate taking trips to more playful locales such as zoos or aquariums.  Adventures in Family offers 20 virtual field trips to museums, zoos, aquariums and more.  In addition to these virtual field trips, this online resource also offers lesson ideas, activities and book suggestions to go along with the field trip and extend your child’s learning.

Free EBooks And Digital Resources

12-story Library has a full library of eBooks and other digital resources that you can peruse for free.  This online resource has material for grades 3-8, including book series on topics such as helping animals, exploring great cities of the world, professional sports players, and more.  Your kids can read eBooks on almost any subject they choose that will keep them entertained for weeks.

Educational Games

Reading can be a fun way to learn, but many kids prefer to learn through playing fun games.  Arcademics offers free online educational games in topics such as math or language arts.  They also include multiplayer games to allow your kids to play against other kids online to achieve the top score! You can also try out Backyard Geology for some fun and educational excavating in the backyard!

Story Time Lessons

Arts on the horizon is an online resource with teachers who provide free story time lessons to children.  These lessons involve warm up exercises, an interactive reading of a story and then an activity to go along with the lesson.  It’s a great resource for kids in early childhood that will get your toddler moving and keep them entertained.

Many working parents are having a hard time adjusting to working from home or losing employee benefits thanks to the outbreak of COVID-19.  The loss of certain family benefits that help promote employee wellness can make it more difficult than ever to balance work and childcare.  But with the help of these online resources, working parents can keep the kids entertained and make staying at home just a little bit more fun for everyone.