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Meet Anna, Seattle Sitter


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We’re so lucky to have Anna as our Community Lead in Seattle. Read up about who she is and what her experience is from our interview.

Can you tell us about your experience as a babysitter in Seattle, WA?
Since I moved to Seattle three years ago for school, I have met so many kind and generous families with fun kids that are wonderful to care for. I have yet to meet a family that I haven’t instantly bonded with and I feel like families have always been welcoming and grateful.

What is the best part about babysitting in Seattle, WA?
The best part of being a sitter in Seattle is the opportunity to meet families of all different backgrounds and kids of all ages. It is a big city which gives a lot of opportunity to meet a variety of families and kids.

What are you most excited to share with children you babysit for?
Whenever I get to a babysitting job, I usually get most excited about playing games with them like board games or card games. I am an active babysitter and try to get the kids involved in doing group games to promote bonding and distraction when the parent leaves.

What have you learned about yourself since working with children?
I think that kids have a lot to teach adults and something that I have learned about myself is to not take life so seriously sometimes and enjoy the moment you are in and not focus too hard on the next thing. Kids are a great reminder to stop for a moment and enjoy being young and having fun.

What’s your favorite activity with children?
My favorite activities are board games, obviously, but I also love to get kids in the kitchen to make snacks or baked goods because it’s another fun way to get kids involved in doing something entertaining and working together.

In 5 years, what will you be doing?
In five years I will be…hopefully working for a company as awesome as Helpr and making a change in my community for children and families.

What is your experience working with our childcare app?
I joined Helpr as a babysitter and then I became a Community Leader so now I get to babysit and help with the onboarding process for the app.

How would you compare your experience working for Helpr to, say, a corporate daycare?
Helpr creates an environment for kids and families that is more comfortable and stress-free for all members involved than a daycare. Parents don’t have to worry about dropping their kids off at a daycare and Helpr gives kids a sitter that is focused on them and only them which creates a positive experience for the kids and parents.

Would you consider yourself a babysitter on demand? If so, tell us about that. Ease, difficulties around it?
I would consider myself an on-demand babysitter which I find easy on my schedule. Sometimes families need last-minute care and usually that is better for my schedule since life as a college student is constantly changing. Helpr is perfect for me because of the flexibility and support they offer for job availability.

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