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3 Ways How A Caregiving Balance Won't Affect Your Work


Due to the rising number of parents in the workforce, workplace demographics are shifting - with great fallout for caregiving families and employers alike. According to Harvard Business School, the next two decades will give way to challenges including a rise in demand for care and the intensity of care required as millions of Americans age. 

Read on for 3 simple ways you can get ahead of this.

  1. Plan ahead

    Much of caregiving is centered around dependents, such as children or disabled adults, and elder family members. If you fall into the category of providing for one or all of these generations, then you know how important finding quality care is. It is just as crucial to stay organized. Nothing will put you at greater ease than having a sound plan for your family. We urge you to keep a consistent caregiving schedule, feasible financial plan, and most importantly, take care of your own health. Pull down that oxygen mask!

  2. Nudge your employer

    Let’s be real here - caregiving is expensive. Did you know that employers want to get involved? They want to be a part of the caregiving crisis solution. That is why so many American companies are signing onto platforms like ours to offer their employees subsidized care hours at a low copay. This benefits the employer as much as it benefits the employee, so it’s a win-win. Employers understand that there is now more voluntary turnover due to the rising number of the millennial workforce having children, and elderly retirees in need of healthcare and assistance. To add, employees in this sandwich generation are showing up to work emotionally drained and mentally loaded, which affects productivity. Consequently, absenteeism is more pronounced than ever due to unexpected gaps in care. This is enough for employers to extend a helping hand. 

  3. Understand your government

    Make sure you do a thorough sweep of what government programs can do for you. There are plenty of government resources that support caregivers responsible for aging family members, as well as a government program that helps eligible families in need assistance. 

You shouldn’t have to face the caregiving crisis alone. We’re here to help. Learn more about Helpr’s modern family support solutions