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10 Mom-Owned Businesses and Brands We Love

Mom’s are more than superheroes. Moms don’t have superhuman powers, yet they are still able to get so much done in the time they’re given. Whether they’re rocking a messy bun, yoga, pants, or a few animal cracker crumbs in their purse, moms have the ability to defy and exceed what’s expected of them. 

This is why we love moms who found and run their own businesses. Even though women startups are traditionally underfunded by investors, —according to the Harvard Business Review only 2.3% of VC-funded startups in 2021 were women-owned. 

Despite this obvious gender gap, women-owned businesses tend to out-perform their male counterparts in both revenues and in recruiting and retaining other women. Mom entrepreneurs are also more likely to create eco-friendly and plant-based products, prioritizing both sustainability and good business, simultaneously. 

Somewhere right now there is a mom solving a problem for someone. These businesses all were founded by badass moms, check them out and support other mamas! 

Nested Bean 

Moms can’t cuddle their babes 24/7. New moms find themselves in this situation time and time again: baby can’t sleep unless being held, but mom hasn’t slept in days (weeks? months?). Nested Bean was founded to help moms, with their innovative Cuddle Effect weighted sleepwear for newborns, infants, and babies. 

California Baby 

Shampoos and skincare products are riddles with unknown chemicals and false marketing around plant-based ingredients. This is what drove California Baby to exist. Its no-nonsense marketing is honest, and gentle skincare products are a great gift idea to the new moms in your life. 

Prende Pants

Many moms find themselves being showered with love and attention while they’re carrying their children. But postpartum moms are expected to return to their pre-pregnancy bodies as soon as humanly possible. We don’t ask moms to return to their pre-pregnancy lives, so why the pressure to return to our pre-pregnancy bodies? Prende Pants cares about a mom’s new body and has designed leggings that allow moms to feel like themselves while honoring their new, strong bodies. 

Abby & Finn

Diapers are a family’s lifeline. Comfortable, soothing diapers can define whether the day will turn into chaos, or be manageable. Abby & Finn is changing the way parents support parents. Their diapers, wipes, and balms are never made with any harmful substances and they donate to families in need across the country for every diaper subscription purchased. 

Aden + Anais 

With their large collection of blankets, swaddles, and clothing, Aden + Anais believes in the comforting assurance of muslin cotton. Muslin, a traditional fabric for baby swaddles, keeps babies cool in their hot months and warm in the cooler ones and is a go-to option for moms around the world. Aden + Anais’s products prioritize simplicity, safety, and style. 

Kiwi Co

Working moms have a lot to juggle in their lives. Let’s face it, ALL moms have a lot to juggle in their lives. Kiwi Co is a subscription-based company that delivers age-appropriate science, tech, engineering, art, and math (or STEAM) toys directly to your doorstep. This saves busy parents time, and gives them the assurance their child is learning through play with every toy they deliver!

A Kids Company About 

We love this company too much not to include it, though it’s founded by an awesome dad, we know this company is mom-approved. With the intent to deliver products that empower a new generation of kids with diverse storytelling, A Kids Company About is paving the way for an inclusive learning experience for kids from all walks of life.  

Tiny Tags

Finding the perfect gift for mom can be hard unless of course, you’re mom and showing yourself some much-deserved love. Tiny Tags offers custom jewelry for moms (and anyone!) to engrave the names, initials, and sayings of those who matter the most. Their simple, elegant designs are chic and fashionable! 


Every mom has been there—the transition from breastmilk or formula to solids! For new moms, it’s an especially nerve-racking time. Should we do baby-led weaning? Should we start with purees? Grandma is saying something completely different than the pediatrician, and advice is everywhere to be found, but answers aren’t. Yumi makes this transition simple for parents. Their freshly made baby food is delivered weekly and offers different choices for a variety of age groups!

Daghne Dover

Can you believe diaper bags before the 2000s were all covered in cartoon animals and balloons? Just because there’s a baby on board, doesn’t mean everything suddenly needs to be donned with baby pinks and blues and cute cuddly characters on bags. Dagne Dover is a mom-owned business that offers sleek, modern bags for people who need to carry a lot, whether that’s a diaper bag, a tote, or a backpack, they’ve got you covered.